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Work With Older People


We have made a special commitment to a programme of work for the elderly, people with dementia and adults with learning difficulties. This stems from the belief of our Artistic Director, ARne Richards, in the healing and humanising power of music. As well as his skills as a professional performer and composer, ARne is a highly trained and experienced music therapist. Read more about our projects here.

An elderly gentleman rose to his feet at the end of the concert and gave an eloquent speech of thanks. Nurses later commented that this was remarkable because he had not spoken for five years. Music had unlocked his hitherto imprisoned faculties and given him the power of expression once more.
Whitehaven Hospital, Cumbria - a concert for Alzheimer's sufferers.

“They enjoyed the music. They joined in and it made them think and reminisce about the past. They interacted with each other and made friends.”
“The whole reminiscence aspect had positive benefits for all but especially those with memory issues.”
“An elderly lady, with severe memory issues used to sing professionally really took the project to heart. Everyone enjoyed listening to her singing.”
“Music is wonderful for lifting both the spirit and the mind - it works so well with older people and story telling fires everyone’s imagination. A winning combination. Thank you for everything!”
"Ann, brought up in Ireland and suffering from dementia, did not communicate except through anger. Whilst listening to the OCP play Irish music we were amazed when her whole demeanour was transformed and she began to laugh and talk and even translate the Gaelic of the tune being played."

Calder Day Centre, Banbury
"There were responses from people who usually do not respond - toe tapping, smiles and hand movements. For the staff, it was excellent to experience the impact of live music on our clients and to see the musical instruments close up and have them explained in a way that everyone can understand." 

Day Care Staff Member
"After the concert everyone was talking about the music and what it meant to them personally, the memories it brought back. Even the sceptics were brought around by the music!"

Day Care Staff Member
"I wanted to just say a huge Thank You to Arne and Isabel for our training session. They truly are the most inspirational people that I have met in a long time and I will certainly be using my new found knowledge from them with the client groups that I work with. Please send them my utmost regards." 

Jenny Stevens-Young, the Activities Assistant, A2 Dominion Reading